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Giddy Yoyo Raw Love Butter is a full body moisturizer that easily absorbs into the skin and smells like chocolate – Yum!   $24.99

Perfect for use all year-round; from effectively moisturizing dry, cracked skin in the cold winter months, to post summer sun moisturizing- soothing and healing those inevitable sunburns… Giddy’s got you covered!     

It melts easily at body temperature and has a silky/creamy consistency making it perfect for use as a massage oil and lubricant**.

Raw edible Moisturizer, Lubricant, Massage Oil, Eye Make up remover & Sunscreen

Ingredients: Certified Organic GY Cacao Butter, Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Rallis Certified Organic “Ice Pressed ”Olive Oil, Raw Ground Vanilla Beans.
**WARNING – Because this is an oil based lubricant it may compromise the integrity of condoms.


Important Facts:

  • Raw, edible, organic and vegan body lotion.
  • Skin and hair moisturizer
  • Low SPF Sunscreen and after-sun moisturizer
  • Massage oil and personal lubricant
  • Gently removes eye make up
  • Etc…
  • 185 ml              Packaged in glass jar        Made in Canada!


Giddy yoyo love butter
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