Contact Us & Return Policy

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Raindance Cosmetics
PO Box 596
Thornbury, ON
N0H 2P0
NEW phone number as of February  2021  519-369-3331

Return and Sample Information:

For hygienic reasons, cosmetics cannot be returned and resold, as there is no way to tell if the products have been used.  For your convenience, most of our products are available as testers.  If you do not see a sample size available for a product that you would like to sample first please let us know.

Sampling our cosmetics and lotions in person enables you to test product:  consistency, texture, scent, colour and skin compatibility before placing an order for the full size products.

Most samples are packaged in vegetable cellulose wrap that will biodegrade in the soil (60-90 days), they do not leach or off gas. Samples are large enough to use once and their packaging varies.

Tracked orders to the USA:  $22 CAD.   Samples can be shipped in a letter envelope for $7. This discounted price does not include tracking or insurance if item is lost.  It may take 3 weeks (usually) up to 8 weeks (in some states) to arrive.    Please let us know if you prefer a tracked package order for your samples and we will adjust the shipping charge.  (Shipping Rates)

Return Policy:   Please purchase our samples to be sure the product is perfect for you, we do not accept returns.

Most samples are packaged in vegetable cellulose wrap that will biodegrade in the soil (60-90 days), they do not leach or off gas.  

Samples are large enough to use once and their packaging varies.

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4 thoughts on “Contact Us & Return Policy

  1. Just received my first order and am very excited to ditch all my toxic cosmetics. I love your commitment to the environment, to health, and to businesses that put people and the planet before profit. I will be spreading the word about your company to as many people as possible because we need more businesses like this, it’s time to change the world and we will do it step by step, person by person. Thank you for stepping up and giving us a place to shop that makes a difference. :)


  2. Can’t wait to receive my samples and try them out!

  3. I’ve been using your products from The Barn Market and really love them.
    I’d like to know if you can fill my bottles as we did at the barn.
    I love the fact that the bottle can be refilled!
    Also want to try more products like the hand and body lotion.
    Thank you for having such wonderful products that are non toxic, organic good for me and the environment!

  4. After many years of using henna, I decided it was too messy and I was getting too grey anyway.
    So I used dye from the better brands and also had it done at the hairdresser, but either way it was money and time – and still messy.
    What pulled me back to Henna – after at least 8 years! – was the nasty red color I got the last time. It’s always too orange or too purple when it’s chemical.
    So I went back to Henna. It wasn’t too expensive to order – couldn’t find it in Israel at all anymore! Bought 8 containers and two bottles of shampoo for the price of one colouring at the hairdresser.
    Today it arrived and I tried it immediately. Having a bowl with a brush I once used for the chemical stuff, it wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be. I used Medium brown on slightly greasy hair for 90 minutes. Then I used my regular shampoo and conditioner from a previous dye session (which is very rich) and my hair turned out gorgeous. It feels thick and healthy and the colour looks natural. No grey to be seen, except a tiny bit at my temples, possibly because I skipped it.
    Funnily enough, I love the smell of the henna after the treatment. Makes me feel young again!
    Would love to go back to a bit redder, but don’t know colour to choose. At 61 I don’t want to look like a carrot!

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