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Aguaje Oil (Mauritia Flexuosa) known as the ‘Curvy Fruit Oil’. Extracted from the fruit of the large Moriche Palm that flourishes in the Peruvian Amazon.

This super oil by HelloRainforest contains more than 21 times the β-Carotene of carrots giving the oil its bright orange colour and contains more than 25 times the Vitamin E of avocados. The fruit is sustainably harvested at prime with the use of climbing gear, avoiding deforestation.  Only the finest are hand selected for oil production.  Instead of pressing, a Peruvian women’s co-operative uses a traditional chemical-free method to extract the oil from the mesocarp attaining the highest purity and potency.

Apply as a spot treatment to the face or as a lotion booster that helps increase skin hydration.

Avoid getting this undiluted oil on your clothes.  The same amazing high β-Carotene our skin loves will stain fabric:)

Vitamin A (β Carotene): 33mg/100g  Beta-carotene & vitamin A (carotenoids, two of the most important antioxidants for the skin). Carotenoids protect the skin against the damaging effects of sunlight, neutralizing free radicals.
Vitamin E (α Tocopherol): 68mg/100g    *Vitamin E plays a crucial role in protecting skin cells and membranes from environmental damage. This protection extends to stopping damage to the skin from UV rays, pollutants and ageing.
Oleic Acid (Omega-9): 71%  Moisturizes the skin & has emollient properties, is a free-radical scavenger, & provides protective effects (linoliec acid).
Linoleic Acid (Omega-6): 7%
Linolenic Acid (Omega-3) 1%

Benefits & traditional uses such as  a  naturally occurring SPF factor/sunscreen, anti-ageing, first aid remedy

Packaged using FDA approved food grade glass dropper bottles that are washed and sanitized with a H₂O₂ cleaning solution to deliver a fully contaminant free product.    30ml

ETHICAL TRACEABILITY  HelloRainforest oil is verifiable during all steps of production; including farming, harvesting, bottling and distribution.  It is chemical and pesticide free.  We use natural nutrients to fertilize and enrich the soil such as our organically grown yuka swales.  To attain unsurpassed quality and consistency we are partnered directly with our supply chain and have a vested interest in all aspects of our product.

COMMUNITY RESPONSIBILITY We have a unique relationship with the local farmers and community to grow and harvest our fruit.  Annual expansion helps improve the local standard of living and reduces poverty by providing employment opportunities to the struggling populace.  Our community shared profit model creates additional incentives for workers to produce the finest oil as their income is increased from each quality harvest.

PRESERVING THE RAINFOREST The Amazon Rainforest can now be left untouched to safeguard the biodiversity of the ecosystem.  Over the past two decades our partner-supplier has been returning prime deforested land to the original owners and re-purposing it for production.  Our scalable farm model incorporates elements of agro-ecology and permaculture.  Our carbon capturing footprint and bio-diverse cultivatable land is continuously expanding.

ECO-SUSTAINABLE   Sourced and produced from the headwaters of the Amazon River

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