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AFRICAN BLACK SOAP is an excellent gentle skin conditioner that is traditionally used to treat all manner of skin problems from acne to eczema. It is high in vitamins A & E and iron. Unlike other so-called “black soap” on the market, this one is made from a few ingredients – plantain skins, cocoa pods, water and palm oil – and no dyes, scents, preservatives or detergents are added.

It is recommended especially for individuals with sensitive skin. In Africa, it is known for making smooth skin and is also used to treat skin irritations and other skin conditions. African Black soap can be formed into bars or balls with pressure. As soon as you begin using the soap, the contact with water will make it keep its shape.


Ingredients: virgin palm kernel oil Elaeis guineensis, water aqua, potash produced from the ashes of plantain Musa spp. and cocoa Theobroma cacao.



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