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Feminine Pads for the 21st Century!

WillowPads are simple-to-use, reusable cloth pads made from organic cotton and  hemp that are convenient and healthier to use. Super-comfortable and soft, –  WillowPads are the ultimate in versatility. From a panty liner to an overnight  maxi, WillowPads has you covered!

WillowPads are made with a luxuriously soft and absorbent organic cotton flannel shell and super-thirsty hemp insert core. WillowPads are made only from the highest quality organic fabrics tailored for softness and comfort.

Very absorbent, they allow for airflow that helps to reduce irritation and eliminate odor. WillowPads are as slim as disposables and offer you superior protection while maximizing absorbency. They are designed to stay soft for years.

WillowPads do not have a plastic waterproofing layer that can irritate sensitive skin. Our feminine pads are very absorbent and don’t leak–simply add inserts to match your flow needs.

Each WillowPad comes with one organic cotton shell and one organic hemp insert. They’re easily customizable from a panty liner to a maxi pad simply by adding the number of inserts to suit your needs.    Measures approximately 3″ x 11″ (when snapped)

Organic-Hemp-Feminine-Pad-InsertsA convenient 6-pack of inserts to assist you in customizing your feminine pads. Simple to use, just add the number of inserts to your WillowPads shell to match your personal flow needs.   Made of organic hemp/organic cotton blend fabric.

WillowPads can be used as Panty Liners simply by using just the pad shell, and no insert. We also offer WillowPads Organic Hemp Panty Liners that are specifically designed to be smaller for lighter anytime use. Super-soft, perfect for every day.

Panty-Liner-Organic-Cotton1Works great as a backup to your favourite non bleached organic tampon or cup!

WillowPads-Anywhere-BagsWillowPads are easy to take with you, anywhere you go! Just slip a folded one in the Anywhere Bag, and you’re ready to go.    Assorted colours.

WillowPads last an average of 6 years, saving you hundreds of dollars and our landfill space!

WillowPads use only certified organic fabrics.    NO plastics.  NO perfumes.  NO harsh chemicals or synthetics.    Environmentally friendly.   Made in USA

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Single Pad with Insert, 3 Pads with Inserts, Inserts pkg of 6, Panty Liner, Panty Liner pkg of 3, Anywhere Bag


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